I Heart HK

Feature spec, romantic comedy

Written by Hugo Kenzo


In this unconventional romantic comedy, Joe, a cynical American living in Hong Kong, and Henry, a Chinese-American filmmaker visiting from New York, crisscross the Pacific on a quest in search for love and corndogs.


Script available upon request.



From Space*

Hour-long pilot, high-concept drama

Written by Hugo Kenzo


Stranded for three years on an unknown planet where their spaceship crash landed, a family has its long since abandoned hopes of being rescued suddenly revived by the arrival of a space team. But will this ultimately lead to their salvation or their demise?


Script and show bible available upon request.


*winner of Faculty Honors at 2014 Columbia University Screenwriting Competition



Half-hour-long pilot, comedy

Written by Hugo Kenzo


After being tested positive for HIV, 25-year-old Joe is forced to confront his fears of death, failure and loneliness in modern-day New York City. Through out the series, he will try to find a way to stay positive despite all the adversity surrounding him and his friends, and the world they live in.


Script and show bible available upon request.



Delivery Boy

15-min short film, comedy

Written by Hugo Kenzo


Local delivery boy Chunho falls in love after delivering dumplings to Eric, an American lawyer living in Hong Kong. Their love for food and cheesy 70s music bring them together, but the class difference between the two of them eventually gets in the way. A modern and queer take on the classic Cinderella story, where the crystal shoe is replaced by an uniform jacket and the pumpkin carriage by a motorbike. 


Script and project description available upon request.




writer | director | producer